Seasons of Work: Summer (June 21 Newsletter)

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Work doesn’t stop after school is dismissed for the season. Whether you’re working on vacation memories, or working at a 9-5 job, life still looks different in the summer. This week our writers muse on lessons learned from summer work and summer play.

Moms of Summer Dreaming of Fall

From The High Calling

Though I am extremely grateful to work part-time from home, these last few weeks have been challenging. Summer. Is. Hard. Read more

Forced Fun

From The High Calling

Why not engineer my way to a more enjoyable summer? Read more

How to Live After Happily Ever After

From the Theology of Work Project

We have been running a free summer camp at our home this summer. It is lovely. This is the closest to "living out a calling" that I've ever experienced. Also, quite often I'm really miserable. Read more