God’s Guide for Retirement: January 25 Newsletter

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Economic downturn. Desire for downtime. There are all sorts of reasons people are retiring or choosing not to retire in the 21st century. Whether you’re thinking about it now, or thinking it’ll never come, here are some tips to help you plan practically, deeply, and Biblically about your retirement. Read on.

The Stewardship of Retirement

From The High Calling

The Bible has no road map for retirement. But it does have a concept that applies to retirement in the twenty-first century: stewardship. Read more

Retirement From Regular Service

From the Theology of Work Project

In Numbers, we find the only passage in the Bible that sets an age for leaving the workforce. What does this story teach us? Read more

Till Death Do Us Part: Is Retirement Even an Option Anymore?

From The High Calling

Most biblical figures didn’t retire. They labored until they were no longer able to function physically. This might happen to us too, whether we want to believe it or not. Read more