Making a Living

Audio / Produced by The High Calling


When my son Howard was about four, every morning as I left for work, he had a set little question: "Daddy, where are you going?" And every morning, I'd say, "Son, I'm going to make you a living."

Each evening when I returned, he'd always ask, "Daddy, where's the living?" If you’re making a living, it ought to be in your hands, right?

Well, of course, making a living does involve what you get in your hands. Everyone collects a paycheck. But making a living is far more than that; it’s making a difference every day whatever the job you have.

I'm Howard Butt, Jr., of Laity Lodge with this reminder—making a real living connects you to a bigger picture, a grand design, an abundant life. Each of us has only a small part to play, but what a part! It's the high calling of our daily work.

The living, the living—they praise you,
as I am doing today;
fathers tell their children
about your faithfulness.

(Isa. 38:19)