A Deal Isn’t Good Unless It’s Good for Buyer and Manufacturer Both (Video)

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Factory owner Dave Munson makes sure his products are a good deal for everyone – especially the Mexican workers who make them.


A deal’s not a good deal unless it’s a good deal for everybody.

I saw the other day an article in the paper about a lady who bought a purse from Walmart. I’ve heard other stories about this – Sacs Fifth Avenue and jeans – someone bought a pair of jeans – anyway one of the workers tucked a little note into one of the coin pockets and it said, translated: “I’m in a prison here in China. They treat us like animals. They feed us horrible. We work all these hours and they beat us if we don’t get our quotas. Please help. Send help.”

Obviously that bag was not a good deal for that person.

If it’s only, “Look at the deal I got on this bag! It’s such a steal – I can’t believe it!” but if someone suffered, or if someone didn’t do well making that bag, it’s just not a good deal. You got a good deal, but they didn’t get a good deal.

Our factory is a good deal for our people. They love working there. Every once in a while we get someone in who’s a lazy guy, or someone who steals from us. We have right now a little deal with people stealing. But generally the people are very loyal to us because they know that we love them.

Like we have a daycare for example. It’s free for the employees. We have the English program. Where I first taught English back when I had my first bag made - I called them up a couple years ago and I said, “If we fund it could you guys open up a center next to our factory? Or in the neighborhood where we have the most employees, and for the older kids to learn English?” That’s a huge deal. The graduation rate is extremely high compared to what it is normally here in Mexico, if they graduate from the program. And it’s basically free. If we give it away free they don’t show up to class, so we make them pay just a little bit, and we fund the rest.

And so we’re breaking that cycle of poverty.

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This video serves as an illustration to the TOW Bible Commentary article Sharing The Wealth (2 Corinthians 8:13-15).