Leadership Beyond Rank and Power (Bible Study Book)

Phileomon bible study leadership power for work small groups

Many leaders struggle with reconciling the demands of the marketplace with the eternal values of their faith. But what if these mandates conflict? Primarily using Paul's letter to Philemon, Leadership Beyond Rank and Power, a volume from The Bible and Your Work Study series, examines the idea of leadership as it relates to power, rank, justice, and mercy. Although it's short, this letter packs a powerful message as it models some very effective leadership qualities—qualities that are foundational to Christians who want to actively live out their faith in a productive and profitable workplace.

Leadership beyond Rank and Power urges us to consider that rank and power are not the key lenses through which to view relationships, even in social contexts where we might have rank. Leaders who truly lead also guide others into being better, not only in the tasks they perform but also in how they do it.